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At Waterloo United Methodist Church, we have a goal to keep our congregants involved and informed about everything that we do. We have been involved with our ever-growing community, and are happy to share our upcoming events with you. From our charity work to our vibrant congregation — Waterloo United Methodist Church takes pride in all of our community focused events. Read all about our latest events below, and get involved today. Feel free to follow us on Facebook and Twitter to keep up on all upcoming events and see what members are saying about our Church.


Wednesday's @ 7:00 pm

Geneva, Seneca Falls, & Waterloo Communities:

We are making Wednesday’s EPIC!

We are introducing EPIC (Encouraging People In Christ), a young adult ministry focused on delivering a relatable message with modern worship music. We hope to draw young adults ages 16-30 of any denomination, together to build a community of young believers.

Our Purpose, and God’s calling for EPIC is to create a safe space for all walks of faith, and to foster hope and encourage people to develop their relationship with Christ. We are planning on meeting Wednesday evenings at 7:00pm.

Our meetings will be held at the Waterloo United Methodist Church. We are kicking this off on July 18th 2018, with a series titled “Life is Good”. With hopes that this will spark the fire in the hearts of young adults in our community to further carry out this mission until it encompasses the entire county.

Be Sure to check us out on

Facebook @EPICWednesdays

Instagram @EPIC_Wednesdays

SnapChat @EPIC_Wednesdays


Sunday's at 10:30 am

Waterloo United Methodist Church believes in a well balanced Worship Service. With a great variety of Praise Music with a band including a Keyboard, Guitar, Drums, and Banjo. Sprinkled in the service we also proved a children's message, an Anthem performed by the Choir. Followed by a Sermon presented by our wonderful, bright and witty Pastor. We Look Forward to having you join us.

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