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Waterloo UMC's Presence in Haiti

        The church would like to introduce you to the newest page on our website. We are going to use this page to highlight one of our missions in particular. For our first Missions Spotlight, we are bringing you the Haiti Tea Silent Auction that will take place June 22 - July 07, 2022.

        For over fifteen years, supporters like you have given students the blessing of education and school lunch. The students truly appreciate your generosity because education and a daily meal are not easy to come by or free in Haiti. Less than half of Haitian children receive a 6th-grade education and many students have shared about going days without a real meal. The situation in Haiti continues to deteriorate. Since the president was assassinated, gang rule and kidnappings are common. God is still at work in Haiti through you – providing hope and the promise of a better day.

        This past year gifts from our community and people like you have funded the education of 40 elementary students, 34 secondary students, 2 university students, and 3 vocational students. Nutritious school lunches were provided for over 350 students at Ecole La Providence (ELP) where 66 of our sponsored students now attend. The school has applied for and receives food support from the Bureau of Nutrition and Development (BND). But, your gifts provide the required fresh vegetables and meat to add to the rice and beans donated by BND. BND closely monitors the lunch program to determine that all nutritional needs of the students are being met.

          We are deeply appreciative of your prayers and gifts as we seek to provide God’s love and grace to His children in Verrettes, Haiti. Again, we thank you. May God bless you and keep you safe and healthy as we each serve Christ in our communities and around the world.

Haiti Tea Silent Auction:

We are utilizing this spotlight as a landing page for our "Silent Facebook Auction". Below are also the rules and conditions of the silent auction. If you have any questions or need assistance, please contact administrators Nancy Mitchell-Leiterman at 315-651-5799; or Lynn Leiterman at 315-521-9912. 


Each participant agrees to follow these Haiti Tea Online Silent Auction Rules. Any participant who does not follow the rules will be blocked by an administrator from having access to the auction altogether. 



  • The starting bid on each item will be shown. 

  • Your bid will be accepted by placing your bid amount only in the comment section of the item. 

  • Bidding must be in increments of a minimum of $2.00.

  • Any bids not adhering to this format will be declared invalid and deleted.

  • Once the auction is declared closed, the last bid entered in the comment section that adheres to the designated increment shall constitute the winning bid.

    • In the event of a dispute, the Online Silent Auction Haiti Tea(m) will act as the final authority

  • The winning bidder will be contacted via Messenger to arrange payment and pick up of item(s).


  • The auction ends July 7 at 4 pm, you must confirm your purchase with us by July 9 at 4 pm. If not confirmed, the next highest bidder will be given the opportunity to purchase.

  • Successful bidders can pick up their item(s) on Saturday, July 16 from 9a – 3p at the Waterloo United Methodist Church, 21 E. Williams Street, Waterloo, NY 13165. For items that require you to be 21+ years of age to purchase (WINE), you will need to show your ID upon pick up. 

    • If unable to pick up on that date, please contact us at 315-651-5799 or 315-521-9912 to make other arrangements.

  • If items are not picked up at arranged date/time, the next highest bidder will be given the opportunity to purchase.

  • Items MUST be picked up by the bidder.

We will ship … Shipping of items is at cost of the successful bidder.  Please contact us at 315-651-5799 or 315-521-9912 to make these arrangements.  Once item payment and shipping costs have been received, the item(s) will be shipped.


Payment for items purchased must be made in full at the time of pick up unless you have paid online or other arrangements have been made.  Any item left unclaimed after July 16 will be offered to the next highest bidder and sold.

 We accept:

  • Cash (upon pick up of item[s])

  • Check made payable to Waterloo United Methodist Church with “Haiti” in Memo

  • Credit (payment online or at time of pick up). 


  • If you wish to bid on an item and don’t have access, please contact Nancy at 315-651-5799 or Lynn at 315-521-9912 to make arrangements to view the items.

  • A member of the Haiti Tea(m) will make the bid for you.

Below you will find just a few of the items we are offering in this year's silent auction. If you click the link at the bottom of the page you will be brought to our event where you can see all items offered in the auction.


Happy Bidding!

Hand Crafted Metal Bowl

Hand Made Bowl.png

This hand-crafted metal bowl is a piece of art. It can be hung or used to show off when you have company. It is 15.5" wide and 4" deep. With this bowl, you will have no problem getting the conversation started at your dinner table. The starting bid will be $15

North Point Ultrasonic LED Humidifier & Diffuser


Ahh, it's so nice after a long day to come home and breathe in calming sents made by a diffuser. This package comes with Guru Nanda OilsCedarwoodHarmonyOrange, and Lemongrass. 

Young Living Oils: PanAway+ 2 additional oilsPeppermint, and Valor

Body Wellness Kit

Massage Piloow.png

This body wellness kit will have you feeling like you are on cloud nine and reaching the peak of comfort. Let's start with the Misty Tripoli Body Groove Exercise, nothing like losing weight while working on your dance moves. Then the comfort we talked about, combo Eternal Shiatsu Massage Pillow with heat, and the HoMedics Shiatsu Foot Massager with heat. Use them together or separately either way you won't be disappointed. Estimated value $60+, starting bid of $10.

Finger Lakes Painting by Local Artist

FInger Lakes Art Work.png

This Beautiful hand-painted scene of the Finger Lakes is 7.5" tall and 22" long. It was painted by a local artist named Jay Vine. This is not only a conversation starter but a beautiful focal point for any room. Its estimated value is $50 the starting bid is $15

Handcrafted Cutting Board

Cutting Board.png

This handcrafted large wooden cutting board will have you cutting vegetables in high-end class & style. It measures 10" by 15". It's estimated value is $35 with a starting bid of $10

Pioneer Women Cooking Kit

Cookbook Set.png

Talk about cooking in style check out this kit it comes with: the Pioneer Women Cook Book, a Cook's Essentials 3.5-qt cast iron pepper with a glass lid (green). not to mention bonus Shamrock Tea Towel, and Salt/Pepper Grinders + Cruet. Estimated value $75+, starting bid is $20.

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